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For booking information email
Bill Harrison @ (920) 432-1518

What do you get when you cross a group of very talented, experienced musicians who love putting on exciting, fun-filled shows with a song list that spells nothing but fun…..?

                                         COLD HARD CASH®!

Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, the members of COLD HARD CA$H® have a collective experience that spans many years. Over these years, they’ve had the time to master their individual crafts… and so they’ve done.

When COLD HARD CA$H® takes the stage, the audience is immediately drawn in by the diversity of the band’s choice of music. In a typical show, the listener could hear anything from classic soul, R&B, funk, classic rock or blues… to Latin, swing, reggae, jazz or rock-a-billy. One comment that has been heard many times is, “We love it! We never know what style they’re going to play next!”. Another comment often heard is, ”We haven’t been entertained like that in years!”.

And the best part of it is, the guys honestly have a ball playing all this great music together. This quickly becomes obvious to the audience, and the result is, everybody ends up having a ball!

The next time you need an exciting, first-class, fun band, call



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